Turning Waste Problems into Energy Solutions
Waste Processing

Waste Mining & Processing

ECI offer a Zero Waste solution for both fresh trash and landfill environments – optimizing the stored energy and related material resources contained in the waste disposal system to realize best use outcomes.

Conversion Systems

Petro-Chem Conversion Systems

State-of-the-art pyrolysis technology converts waste plastic into premium grade oil which is further refined to produce transport grade diesel, other value-add fuels, and a range of petroleum products. Our gasification technology recovers syngas from a feedstock of general refuse.

Power Generation

Utilities & Power Generation

The ECI focus on Renewable Energy can also extend to embrace a power (electricity) supply deliverable, via the downstream application of our own produced fuels to drive diesel and/or gas generators.


ECI is transforming vision into reality, using fresh thinking to help clean up the world whilst, at the same time, providing oil and gas derived fuels to support the ever increasing demand for proven, reliable and economically beneficial energy resources and power generation capabilities in response to growth dictates from virtually all sectors of our fragile planet.

Today's challenge is to manage and meet growing worldwide demand for secure, affordable energy while addressing climate change, other environmental and social issues.

At ECI, we deploy a range of renewable energy technologies, including pyrolysis conversion and gasification, which help reduce landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions, deliver premium quality oil and transport grade fuels, provide clean power generation options, and empower communities.Alan Dawson: Chairman, ECI Group