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Waste plastic (Thai landfill site)

Thai LFS & waste processing facility

LFS processing equipment

LFS processing equipment

LFS mine operation

Large capacity trommel

MBT System (processing fresh trash)

Waste plastic in pellet form

Korat facility, Thailand

Korat Plant

System (depicting flare stack)

Thai operating facility

Operating facility - Korat, Thailand

Core reactor unit

Energy conversion systems

On-site processing components

Working plant

On-site infrastructure

Oil sampling

Oil storage tanks

ECI technicians at work

Control Room – monitor station

Flare stack (auto gas discharge)

Drums of ECI oil from plastic

ECI Press Conference

ECI premium grade oil

ECI fuel product

ECI fuel put to the test

Hydrogenation Refinery Plant # 1 (mixed oil)

Hydrogenation Refinery Plant # 2 (pyrolysis oil feedstock only)

Laboratory samples of petroleum product output from pyrolysis oil

Storage tanks
(holding diesel & other fuels)