Our Commitment

All at ECI are passionate about the business of producing energy from waste materials.

This is reflected in the work ethic and application of our design and engineering team members who, having been intrigued by the possibilities which presented, became consumed by the technical challenges to be addressed, and collectively immersed themselves in the exercise of delivering the world class energy recovery platform that today forms an integral part of the ECI range of product offerings.

These same developers are now venturing beyond the comfort of this earlier success, turning their attention to ensuring the first of ECI`s planned mega oil and gas renewable energy project roll-outs, incorporating downstream petroleum refining and power generation capability, will be in operational mode both on time (early 2016) and within budget.

Our core operational staff are case-hardened veterans of the energy recovery scene, ably lead by an experienced and dedicated General Manager who can demonstrate a long association with key members of the R&D team, and is an equity holder in ECI.

On the corporate front, our CEO is totally committed to achievement of a wealth generation outcome for all shareholders, fully embraces the ECI renewable energy mandate, and is very appreciative of the mix required to realize a successful bottom line performance result for the ECI Group moving forward.

And the ECI engine is just warming up!

Here’s the thing: In terms of regional vendor position and status, no other technology developer or promoter can offer a full package capability solution or even come near to what ECI and its Strategic Partners can deliver. And, of the few aspiring waste-plastic-to-oil pyrolysis vendors, none have a robust and commercially proven machine in continuous operating mode, nor a depth of product range comparable to that of ECI.

So, while it is inevitable consumers will wind up paying much more for energy in the future, it’s not all bad news - especially, as we would contend, there are ways to mitigate the impact of escalating costs, an investment in ECI being one such option deemed worthy of serious consideration by the astute investor.

The tremendous growth potential for ECI is obvious. Global waste plastic stocks are abundant and replenishment is ongoing. Oil & gas production, fuel refining, and power deliverables can be scaled to accommodate any situation. All industry analysts and commentators are agreed the forces of supply and demand will progressively drive up the cost of energy and related commodities / services.

From our perspective, the speed, size & scope of achievable growth is subject ONLY to the availability of capital in support!


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