Company / Scope of Activity

Energy Corp International Limited (ECI Group or ECI) is an Australian incorporated waste management & renewable energy solutions provider, with a significant operating presence in Thailand, and plans for the near term establishment of a representative office in Singapore.

Scope of Activity
ECI is active in the design, manufacture, sale and operation of turn-key chemical engineering and related technology solutions specific to the achievement of environmental sustainability and the development of renewable energy projects centred on the recovery, conversion and application of oil & gas sourced from waste materials.

The Group maintains an R&D facility in Thailand, where our experienced and well-credentialed technical staff work closely with a team of Strategic Partner and related associates drawn from the highest ranks of academic research and industry, with members skilled in the fields of waste management and renewable energy; design and process engineering; and the petro-chemical arena.

In support of our on-going business and project development initiatives, we have also established an in-house metal fabrication capability, which can service the supply needs of both ECI and third party clients from Thailand and neighboring countries.

ECI offer the following commercial deliverables:

The principal focus of attention is on Renewable Energy Projects, and is directed to:

Given ...global waste systems are struggling to cope with the sheer size of historic and fresh trash volumes, an environment where the greenhouse effect is increasingly impacting on our quality of life, with reserves of conventional fossil fuels rapidly coming to an end, and an economic and geo-political climate in which the topic of energy is very much at the forefront of attention in a world beset with skyrocketing oil and gas prices ... ECI is well positioned to deliver a compelling Business Case for government, industry, the investment community, and society in general.

Mathew Van Riessen: CFO, ECI Group


Pressure gauge


Drums of ECI oil from plastic


Volume gauge on ECI oil storage unit


Pyrolysis facility at Korat site


Automatic gas discharge