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14 - 16 October, 2014:

The 2014 SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE)
Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

In consideration of the continued changes affecting the oil and gas industry, the theme of the conference is Changing the Game: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions. "The petroleum industry is looking for the next game changer - the significant step which revolutionises. There is no evolution; there is revolution. We are revolutionising the game through seizing opportunities, seeking challenges and providing and optimising solutions. We are constantly progressing, and sometimes - we completely change the game."

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17 - 18 November, 2014:

3rd Global Landfill Mining Conference and Exhibition (2014)
London, UK

From its origins in the 1950s, Landfill Mining is an idea whose time has come. Even aside from their valuable methane resources, landfills should now be seen as valuable repositories for a wealth of higher value materials. Landfill mining can recover valuable metals, produce high quality fertiliser and construction materials and can make available real-estate that was once considered lost forever. If 'waste from energy' and metal prices are today's hot topics, then you can view a landfill as being a gold mine and a coal mine rolled into one.

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10 - 12 March 2015:

World Biofuels Markets Conference and Exhibition 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands

World Bio Markets Event
Having supported the biofuels and bio-based chemicals industries for over a decade, World Bio Markets is thrilled to be celebrating its 10th anniversary just as the industry moves to commercial scale production. 2015 will see the global bio markets scale up. More plants, bio-refineries and strategic partnerships are being announced each week and now is the time to capitalize on this pioneering market!

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2 - 4 June, 2015:

The 15th Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition (OGA 2015)
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia

OGA is the biggest and most comprehensive event in the Asian region which hosts exhibitors from the Oil and Gas industry worldwide. OGA 2015 will showcase the latest technology, equipment and machinery in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical engineering.

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ECI technicians, at Korat site


Pressure gauge


Drums of ECI oil from plastic


Volume gauge on ECI oil storage unit


Lifting apparatus