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As a regional Asian based Group with an expanding international affiliate structure, a stable of top shelf commercial waste management and renewable energy systems and technologies, access to a world class R&D environment, a core team of dedicated and experienced management, technical and operational personnel, high caliber advisory support, and with the tremendous scope for growth which presents in designated markets of interest, ECI is in a unique position to build on a solid foundation of success entitlements that will see the company and those associated with it collectively make a significant and positive contribution to both cleaning and powering communities across the globe.

A rapidly emerging leader in the energy recovery sector, ECI is presently in discussion with various parties from the wider arena interested in establishing affiliate relations and/or embracing our proven technologies and Business Models. In due course, the Group intends to open representative offices in a number of key international jurisdictions to promote and support strategic growth.

Our Perspective on Community, the Environment & Commitment to Sustainability

Waste and fuel are major concerns for any community.
ECI`s scalable, zero waste management, energy recovery, oil production and fuel refining systems empower communities to improve environmental stewardship and management of local resources, support the creation of new jobs, provide a continuous supply of fuel, and increase regional energy independence.

We contend it is no longer necessary to transport difficult-to-recycle waste over long distances. Nor should refuse simply progress through the waste stream to simply languish in landfill. We take exception at the contributing impact of waste plastic on the declining health of our environment, as evidenced by its polluting effect on the soil and on our water resources – adversely influencing both land based and aquatic flora and fauna. Why damage the environment you live in?

In satisfaction of our environmental mission, ECI offers viable total-waste-treatment solutions that comprehensively embrace a zero waste policy in respect to the processing of both landfill and fresh trash. We provide a range of options that are environmentally and economically superior to other waste disposal methods, such as incineration and traditional landfill dumping.

ECI systems and technology will play a key role in the transformation of the waste industry into a “materials handling” business sector.

As for oil supply, we believe the need to totally rely on imports should be a thing of the past.
Our integrated energy-recovery solutions approach realizes impressive results, and efficiently captures the energy value from non-recyclable plastics and other materials.

As we move along the value chain, and focus attention on our ability to produce high value premium crude oil through a scalable and environmentally positive process that carries a carbon impact which is significantly better than traditional forms of oil extraction, the benefits of this “Black Gold” commodity resource are obvious and very compelling – particularly in an atmosphere of uncertainty in terms of continuity of supply, escalating costs of extraction, ongoing concerns in relation to quality, and price instability.

On the issue of sovereign security and energy independence, the availability of a local source of crude oil is a strong driver for those countries that rely on imports of this critical item.

And it doesn't stop there! We also produce syngas from refuse derived fuel, plus we could apply both or either of our liquid or gas fuel outputs to support an electricity generation deliverable. As concerned citizens of a fragile world we take pride in being able to create clean domestic energy and new jobs for members of our local community.


ECI technicians, at Korat site


Pressure gauge


Drums of ECI oil from plastic


Volume gauge on ECI oil storage unit


Pyrolysis facility at Korat site