The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination
Albert Einstein, Physicist

ECI engineers are not short on imagination.

Our range of pyrolysis conversion systems consistently achieve fuel yields in a quantity and of a quality at the top end of the scale for a large capacity production line series of commercial energy recovery technology.

The benefit is a significant and regular output of premium grade oil, which is produced at an extremely impressive process-to-energy ratio that far out-performs biofuels, and is more than double that of conventional oil production.

But to achieve these results required a mix of countless innovations that once existed only in the imagination of our engineers.

Where will this inventiveness take ECI next?

The focus of our R&D team is now centered on orchestrating the roll-out of ECI mega renewable energy projects, each scoped to process huge quantities of waste plastic and other refuse derived fuels to deliver large volumes of high grade oil, syngas, diesel and other fuels on a daily basis.

The output numbers are impressive, the economy-of-scale benefits compelling and, apart from the financial upside for the project owners, the contribution such big picture ventures will make in support of community, sustainability, environmental stewardship and sovereign security, is significant.

As is the case with our current suite of commercial energy recovery technologies, the ECI mega projects will be of a world class standard...

Adirek Khiu: CTO, ECI Group


Drums of ECI oil from plastic


Volume gauge on ECI oil storage unit


Pyrolysis facility at Korat site


Control Room – Monitor Station