Cornerstone Investor(s)

With the owners of ECI somewhat reluctant to relinquish control of the Group to third party venture capital fund managers and the like, particularly at such an early stage of our evolution, the need to secure access to working capital and a significant funding facility in support of the tremendous growth opportunities which present effectively leaves the door ajar for a HNW cornerstone investor(s) to acquire a reasonable equity interest in the Group.

Exit Strategy Considerations: Unlisted Mode v Public List v Trade Sale
In the event the Company remains in an unlisted mode, a person or entity seeking to divest part or all of any shares held in ECI can either approach existing equity holders with the view to effecting an in-house sale, negotiate with the Company in line with a possible buy-back arrangement, and/or introduce a third party who is interested in assuming a position on the ECI register.

With the passage of time, consideration may be given to a public list on an exchange of choice - either via IPO or backdoor (M& A) entry. Financial markets of interest include those of Singapore, Hong Kong and London.

A potential future trade sale to a listed or significant sized private entity could also loom as a possible consideration, in the event such a strategic option is deemed the best outcome for stakeholders. In this arena, it would seem the list of suitors could be extensive. Take Shell, for example. The company recently observed that biofuels fitted its core business of providing fuels, logistics, trading and branding. Linda Cook, Shell's executive director of gas and power, said: “If there were renewables [which made money] we would put money into it." Interestingly, she went on to add: “We do not expect material investment [in wind and solar] going forward."

Registrations of Interest
Parties interested in further exploring the raft of investment, business development and related opportunities that present are invited to direct any enquiries, in the first instance, to the attention of the ECI Group CEO via email to


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