Pyrolosis Systems

We design, build and operate a range of large-capacity commercial energy recovery systems.

ECI Thailand have supplied, installed and project managed a Series 10 commercial pyrolysis system for an American consortium client at a facility near Bangkok. The plant in question was commissioned in early 2013, and is capable of processing up to 10 tons (10,000 kg) of waste plastic feedstock each day, achieving oil output yields well in excess of 75% – representing a production volume of more than 7,500 litres of crude oil per day (750 litres per every ton of waste plastic input). Feedstock was initially sourced and supplied by ECIT, who also orchestrated the sale of oil to a local refinery.

A Series 5 system (5 TPD capacity) has been installed at a Bangkok factory of a Thai client (former Senior Executive with Caltex) who prior acquired an earlier prototype Series 3 plant (3 TPD) from G2 Petroleum & Technology. The machine is used to reconstitute large volumes of used engine oils for resale to customers from the transport industry.

ECI Thailand commenced commercial operation of its first release “next generation” state-of-the-art Series 10 pyrolysis plant in early May 2014.

The Company intends to progressively roll-out this model across Thailand over coming years in response to a widespread and growing demand – with four projects, collectively representing the supply of 6 x Series 10 systems, currently scheduled.

Series 5 & 10 systems will form the nucleus of ECI`s future planned push into the broader international marketplace.

The Company is also considering the introduction of a larger capacity pyrolysis system in response to calls for the establishment of mega scale renewable energy projects in designated markets. Planning for the 1st such facility, earmarked to be built at a location near Korat in the northeast of Thailand, is well advanced.

Imagine the output performance numbers of a single Series 10 increasing by a factor well in excess of 100 -fold as we roll-out high capacity mega installations, plus continue to introduce additional stand alone or small cluster facilities (in the Thai context alone), over the coming years. That’s potentially a yield in the order of 1.0 million litres of premium grade oil each and every day of operation!


Volume gauge on ECI oil storage unit


Pyrolysis facility at Korat site


Electrical componentry


Control Room – Monitor Station