Mega Energy Projects

Large Scale Renewable Energy Project Commitment
ECI intends to embrace a broad picture approach, where practically possible, which will encompass the Group dealing with:

Accordingly, ECI will package and drive large scale Zero Waste & Renewable Energy Projects – in collaboration with its Strategic Partners.

The rollout of this strategic initiative will see the parties involved effectively lock up future feedstock supply; mid-stream oil, gas & petroleum production and distribution; and downstream power generation – in what will effectively present as a closed market environment.

In the Thai context, it is anticipated this renewable energy value-chain will evolve over coming years, be of considerable size, and deliver impressive performance outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our success to date can be largely attributed to the high caliber of design, engineering and technical support at the disposal of the Group, both within the ranks of ECI and on call from our Strategic Partners.

This nucleus, together with input from our experienced operating team members, will provide a solid foundation for growth as we turn our attention to the establishment and project management of mega energy facilities.

Chatuphong Siricharoensombat: General Manager, Operations - ECI (Thailand)


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