Ostensibly, ECI produce oil and gas.

These products are the end result of conversion application processes aligned to the operation of our proprietary energy recovery systems and technologies, which use a variety of waste material feedstocks.

The material types can include waste plastic, sludge oil, scrap tyres and refuse derived fuels (the latter, known as RDF, comprises a mix of general & biomass related rubbish).

The principal focus is on the processing of waste plastic and RDF. These feedstocks are sourced from historic landfill sites and fresh trash streams, and are a consequence of traditional refuse disposal activity.

ECI incorporate a thermal depolymerization (TDP) process, using its own designed and built pyrolysis conversion technology, to recover high yields of liquid petroleum in the form of premium grade light oil (low in sulphur; low in wax; deemed a sweet crude equivalent) from the existing and constantly replenished stocks of waste plastic at its disposal. ECI produced oil is subsequently refined to deliver transport grade diesel, other fuels and a range of petroleum products.

The Company can also employ gasification technology to produce large amounts of syngas from the huge and ongoing volumes of RDF available in line with its energy recovery activities.

As a future consideration, various power (electricity) generation options could warrant implementation - utilizing either or both of the ECI diesel fuel and gas deliverables.

Protection of Intellectual Property
For reasons of a commercial-in-confidence nature attaching to issues of IP protection as they pertain to ECI patent pending and copyright related initiatives, the Company has opted to refrain from posting detailed information and drawings specific to design and technical aspects of our waste processing, energy recovery and conversion systems on this public forum domain – albeit a comprehensive photographic montage of ECI Group and strategic partner operations can be found in the Gallery section.


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