Joint Venture Partner Program

ECI has introduced a waste plastic-to-fuel Joint Venture Partner Program (Series 10 based) in the Thai context, aimed at attracting investment via parties drawn from various sectors.

Equity participants will collectively fund each venture, by virtue of which each unit holder will be entitled to a pro-rata share of on-going operating profit distributions aligned to performance of the specific JV Project.

An investment recovery strategy is in place in the event a fund provider seeks, for whatever reason, to exit their position.

Extremely attractive ROI considerations apply.

Early response to the above has been extremely encouraging, with a number of Thai corporate groups, landfill site contractors, local government authorities, and private investment parties expressing interest in participating as JV partners in accord with ECI Group Business Models.

The potential benefits for ECI in respect to the Partner Program are considerable, particularly when it is appreciated the Company and/or an affiliate entity will:

JV Project: Korat, Thailand
In May 2014, ECI Thailand commenced commercial operation of its 1st Joint Venture Project, wherein the Company holds a significant (50%) equity stake in a 10 TPD pyrolysis plant established at the Centre of Excellence in Biomass, Suranaree University of Technology, Korat (located in the mid NE region of Thailand).

In terms of the projected profit share for ECIT from its 50% interest in the Korat JV Project [based solely on the operation of a single (standard capacity) 10 TPD System], estimates support an annual earn in the order of $500,000 for each year applicable - equating to around $8.0m over a machine life which, with regular maintenance, should extend for a period of up to 16 years.

Media Coverage
The Korat JV Project, incorporating all technologies, was featured on the Thai PBS News Channel as at 5.00 pm on Sunday 04 May, 2014.

Given the tremendous interest generated from this exposure, a Press Conference was subsequently held at the Suranaree University of Technology on the 17th May, 2014. Attendees included senior Thai government (Ministry of Energy) and local government officials, representatives of the University Board, ECIT staff, industry parties, and journalists from a number of leading commercial TV stations and the Bangkok Post newspaper.

More informaton: See Press Conference & Technology Demonstration in the Presentations section


Pressure gauge


Pyrolysis facility at Korat site


Electrical componentry


On-site equipment


Lifting apparatus